Simplifying Weight Loss:
Insider Tips on Intermittent Fasting




Discovering the Power of Intermittent Fasting


Fasting is an extremely powerful tool when used safely. However, a full-on-fast can be daunting especially if it’s your first time trying it, that’s why I recommend this new approach. And I’ll take this as an opportunity to share with you intermittent fasting through a new lens and how you can effortlessly implement it without ever feeling hungr




The Secret to Success: Extend Your Fast

Almost all of us take an intermittent fast of around 8 hours every day – when we sleep. The trick to implementing this into your lifestyle, effortlessly, is just by increasing that 8-hour period and taking advantage of the hours you already spend fasting.

It’s also important to know that hunger comes in waves – like a lot of people you may start to get hungry first thing after waking up however if you fight this urge and delay having breakfast the wave of hunger will fade and you’ll experience a period of 2-3 hours without feeling hungry. This time you can enjoy the benefits of weight loss without feeling overly hungry. You can do the same thing just before bed – if you have dinner around 4 hours before bed you can get extra hours of fasting and calorie-burning.




Real Results in you life 


On average an adult under 70 burns around 100 calories an hour. This means that if you didn’t have breakfast for the first 3 hours of the day then didn’t eat 4 hours before bed in total you would have fasted for 15 hours that day. That is an amazing 1500 calories burnt. Even if you only tried this 2-3 times a week that’s up to an extra 4500 calories melted away effortlessly in a week 

Habit Development with Harrison Jay


Like all of the tips you’re are about to receive in this 5-day weight loss series, I have been using these in my life and have seen genuine results. And it’s not only me, thousands of people around the world practice intermittent fasting as an effortless way to achieve weight loss.


The key to making this a sustainable means of achieving weight loss is to turn it into a habit and make it something that you practise on a regular basis. it doesn’t have to be every day however 2-3 times a week is a great starting point and will be very easy for you to get the hang of.




My personal Tips:

There are a tonne of ways to get started in intermittent fasting and make it a habit but the best ones that I’ve been able to implement into my life are usually the simplest.


Avoiding sugary foods around the times when you intend to fast is essential since this can cause cravings and make it much more tempting to break your fast. I also suggest taking advantage of hunger waves try planning your fasting according to the times you are naturally not hungry. I also recommend that you try fasting on a day that you don’t have a lot to do first thing in the morning such as a weekend, intermittent fasting may take 2-3 times of trying it to get used to not eating straight away in the morning and therefor to begin I suggest you keep this in mind when you pick a day to fast on.



Give it a Try:

The first step to making any habit is trying it and the biggest obstacle with intermittent fasting is usually the mental aspect of actually deciding to do it and doing it. If you are serious about making a change in your life, your next task is to decide 2-3 days in the coming week that you want to try intermittent fasting on and then follow through with it. This is essential to making a positive habit.


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